Updates With Exciting News

Well, long time no blog! I know I know my sincere apologies. I have to admit that sometimes I just don’t have the time or energy to write a few of my thoughts from time to time. I promise I will try harder! Okay enough of that and let’s give you all a few updates about my injuries, season, an exciting new clubfoot documentary in the works and my thoughts on the growing clubfoot community!

As many of you know I am currently in my offseason from training and racing. I am nursing a shoulder injury back to health after two significant training crashes. I went to the surgeon a few weeks ago for a follow up to my MRI. I was given the green light to return to light training while I let my shoulder and Labrum heal.

I am really excited and lucky that I do not have to have surgery. If I were to have surgery I would be looking at a 10-12 month rehab which would put me out of my season for next year. In the meantime I have been doing light work outs focusing more on strength and just staying in shape until I resume fulltime training in December for a HUGE season coming up! More details on my season to follow!

Now, what I am really excited to write about. I was delighted to hear about a documentary in the works called The Footnote Film Project. My ears perked up when I heard about a documentary being made in the hopes of raising awareness about the Ponseti method and how it can be used to treat children in developing countries with untreated clubfoot.

The film is a wonderful piece of art that raises questions and provides answers to the ongoing confusion of clubfoot treatments available especially in developing countries. The film’s Director Zach Gorelick was born with bilateral clubfoot and has firsthand knowledge of what it’s like dealing with the everyday struggles of having clubfoot.

As a graduate of George Washington’s school of Journalism, Zach has taken a chance and a once in a life time experience traveling the country to get real answers and meet with real life Ponseti treated children and their families.  Zach has taken his passion for journalism and heroically entered the world of clubfoot deformity.

Zach’s mission is to raise awareness and spread the message of hope and inspiration to thousands of children in developing countries living with untreated clubfoot. This film cannot be made without your generous gifts and support. Please visit The Footnote Film Project’s website to see how you can help.

I personally had a chance to speak with Zach for an hour or so. It was a great conversation and one I have not had in a while. We both suffer with clubfoot and know how hard it is. We both shared our desires to bring awareness to clubfoot deformity.

However, what I took away from the conversation was a tangible commonality we all share. I have seen over the years a tremendous growth with the online communities of clubfooters sharing their experiences both good and bad. It’s great to see how awareness of clubfoot is growing and how many want to see this community grow.

I am so blessed daily with emails asking questions about clubfoot, treatments and possible outcomes. I also have seen  parents actively looking for advice and hope for their children as the make their journey into clubfoot treatment. When I speak to fellow clubfoot suffers and parents Its rewarding and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us!


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