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I spend a significant amount of time training and especially riding my bike for hours on end during the week. It’s been a great experience getting out and training my body to endure long course racing such as Ironman. As a result of spending numerous hours training I tend to wear out a lot of gear.
I had the pleasure of testing out a few products here and there. Some products are mediocre and some meet the quality and standards that athletes want in an invested product.
I had the opportunity to try a few products from Rudy Project. I am excited about their company and the quality of their eye wear and innovative helmet designs. My first initial reaction receiving the product is that Rudy spends a significant amount of time on packaging design and creating a beautiful product that makes your invest more appealing.
I tested the Swifty Racing edition sunglasses. The Swifty’s are extremely light weight and sleek in design. The sleekness of the design creates and outstanding aerodynamic feel. The lens quality is superb as the road appeared crystal clear with minimal glare. I am real sunlight sensitive and felt no need to strain my eyes to stay focused.  The other advantage of the Swifty is the interchangeable lenses that can be used for different conditions. The Swifty also accepts RX prescription lenses and change in and out with ease. The Swifty’s are light weight and the superb construction is noticeable once you put them on. I have tried several name brand glasses including Under Armour, Oakley and several others but non compare to the innovative design look and feel of Rudy Project’s Swifty Racing Edition. I highly recommend these for training and racing at all levels and disciplines.
One other product that Rudy makes is quality and well-designed helmets for all activities on the road. I tried the Sterling and immediately felt comforted and safe. The helmet is light weight a provides eighteen vents for cooling and air flow. The summer is coming up and 4-6 hour rides are in my future and I am looking forward to these vents cooling my head. The straps and pads are extremely easy to adjust and position to your needs. I love the dial locking system in the back of the helmet to make adjustments easy as needed. This is a very comfortable and light helmet. I especially like the mesh liner because its helps keep my sweat form my eyes during hard and hot rides.  The padding is exceptional and comfortable and can be replaced with larger pads as needed. The helmet comes with a great carry bag as for travel before and after races and training.
Overall, I am excited about my products and look forward to using them in the years to come. I believe based on construction and sound design they will be on my list of recommended products, Rudy’s customer service is exceptional. Rudy prides its self on customer satisfaction and service which is crucial to creating a great product. I highly recommend Rudy Project for all your head and eye needs.

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