I am ready!

So here we are a few weeks away from taper week. Many great things have happened in the last nineteen weeks.
I have seen my body transform into a well-oiled machine. I am feeling tired and beat up but in a very positive and healthy way. I am feeling way stronger, leaner and in way better shape than last year’s race season.
I have made some big changes in my diet (now a vegan) and nutrition.  I lost some serious weight and I think this is a good thing. As I begin to log more and more miles on my feet I am feeling less pain. I am seeing my feet get stronger daily but I still struggle with daily pain but it’s getting easier.  
I contribute this to my weight loss, fantastic shoes, my Hoka One One’s and my Recovery Pump, (I will be writing a reviews on Recovery Pump soon) and solid nutrition.  In my 2011 race season I raced at 180 which is considerably high for a triathlete. This year I am going into Ironman Arizona at 160-165. I have noticed that shedding some weight my feet are taking way less of a pounding than normal. I am finishing 18-20 miles with less pain than usual and looking forward to 26.2 miles.
I have discovered a few things about Ironman training these 19 weeks that I did not expect. Perhaps many of you veterans have felt these things and can relate. I knew that is would be physically draining but did not realize that most of its mental preparation for pain, stress, nervous anxiety and tremendous rushes of endorphins.  I have spent 20 plus hours a week locked into my shell of solitude training alone and only rely on myself to get through the next mile. I have developed a thick skin against myself doubt and negative thinking. It’s me and only me that am going to be on that course and I must learn to get along with who I am if I want to finish strong. I also rely on seeing the big picture to help me through training. I think about  kids with clubfoot and my son. It’s important to realize that sometimes this race is not about me, it’s about them.
After 19 weeks of training, 2 training sessions a day, 4:30 a.m.  wake up calls, multiple threshold rides/runs and back to back 100 mile rides I am ready to get to the starting line! I have put in the work and hours and I am looking forward to taking on this adventure!
This would be a good time to personally thank my sponsors and supporters for this year. Without them as individuals and great products I am not sure how I would be feeling today. First without a doubt I want to thank Hoka One One for a tremendous shoe that I recommend to anyone with or without a foot deformity. In addition, a big thanks Hammer Nutrition for getting me through 6-7 hour training rides and workouts. I have relied heavily on Hammer gels, and Perpeteum solids to get me to the next level.
I am so thankful to Recovery Pump and the generous offer to test and use their product. I use my pump daily and have seen a remarkable change in my inflammation and recovery. There is no way that I could have imagined having clubfoot and running and cycling the distances I have without Recovery Pump. As mentioned earlier I will be giving a full review in a few days so please check back.
Thanks Profile Design for the RMC rear hydration system and Zoot for replacing my old training gear for 2013 upgrades and Xterra Wetsuits for providing me a suit that will keep me a float as I drag my clubfeet through the water! I love my Rudy Project swifty's and helmets which make a great addition to my gear bag.
Only a few more weeks until full blown taper and looking forward to updating you then!!!!


  1. Hi, thank you for this wonderful inspirational blog. I'm not as young and as athletic as you, but nevertheless, you give me hope. I am a 53 year old woman with a club foot. All my life I never let it get me down-- I danced, I ran and I was an avid powerwalker until I suffered some permanent injuries (exacerbated by the club foot) a couple of years ago. Now, no more powerwalking the orthopedic surgeon said, unless I want surgery. I kind of feel lost. I would like to find my way again and find a new physical /sports-related passion. I have been to all kinds of physiotherapists for the pain, to no avail. I look forward to reading about your experiences-- and again, thanks, for sharing them.

  2. Lara, I just finished an Ironman on Sunday. My doctors told me it would never be possible.

    I have it everything I had. I fought through tremendous pain but finished in a respectable and competitive time!

    Never give up..... Keep moving. Embrace your limitations and do something great!!!!