Race Day Update, Solona Beach Triathlon

4 am wake up call, sleepy eyes, cramped feet and a fatigued body from weeks of training is how my morning started as I headed out to the Solona Beach Triathlon this morning. It was a great race today.
Today’s race was not so much a priority race rather a small trial run for Ironman Arizona. I headed into the swim just taking my time as the other athletes in my age division rushed into the water where they where swept back by the waves, inexperience, panic and high heart rates.
I managed 10th out of the water in eight minutes flat. I began the long run on paved road (damn that hurt) into t2 taking my time as I felt my heart rate plummet to a tolerable beat.  I worked on raising my cadence (96-106 rpm) on the bike to ride more efficiently rather then mashing out big gears that eventually destroy my legs leaving nothing in the tank for the run.
Much to my surprise I headed into the run with fresh legs thanks to modifications on my pedal strokes and power outage. My feet really worked with me today! I contribute this to my new Hoka One One’s. My feet are well supported and cushioned which made for a faster run split this year. This year I decided to ditch the heart rate monitor. I always pay way to much attention to my heart rate during a race. I focus way too much on this. My distraction slows me down and does nothing for me other than showing me that I am working hard. I felt naked with out it but I liked the feeling of being nude for this race.
Overall it was a great day. I am not completely happy but that’s my type A personality getting the best of me. I just wanted to take it easy today and work on a few things as I prepare for Ironman Arizona and with that respect it was a good day today!


  1. I stumbled onto your website when I was google searching clubfoot and running and have found your blog to be so helpful. I am 37 years old and born with bilateral clubfoot, having surgery when I was a newborn. I exercise regularly, but also have arthritis and lots of ankle pain. Right now I do a lot of Crossfit but I get frustrated with my running because I am so slow and get out of breath so easily. Often in Crossfit classes the running can be a warmup, which, because my ankles are not warmed up, it's so hard and I am always last. I was wondering if it had something to do with my clubfoot, or if I was just slow. You are helping me see it really does have to do with clubfit, and not to be so hard on myself. Also, you describe the stiffness and pain that I often feel that you just deal with because you aren't going to stop living life. Thanks for the info on the differences in a "winning" athlete's foot vs yours. It really does he put things in perspective. I will keep going and make adjustments for myself and not feel bad for doing so!

  2. Hey Tony (I am the anonymous comment above)-

    I did want to ask you if the doctors ever suggested to you to have surgery on your ankles to fuse the bones together? A doctor I saw at USC recommended putting screws in my ankles to fuse the bones together where I have no cartilage, therefore eliminating the space where arthritis has formed. He said the only reason to do it would be that eventually the pain will just get worse and worse and I will want it eventually. They haven't gotten bad enough yet that I want it but the thought has entered my mind that if six months of rehab would help my everyday problems, should I consider it. I'm just curious to know if that's something you've addressed.