Going 110% with Ice, Heat, Compression, and Micro Brews

As race day approaches I find myself concerned about my recovery strategies more than I do about nutrition and performance. Once I pass the finish line I know I am in for a tremendous amount of pain for about thirty minutes as my feet and calves begin to decompress from the beating I just dished out to them.  It’s a pain that jolts me like electricity as I slow down. It sometimes literally takes the breath right out of me. It’s kind of like being punched in the stomach by a school yard bully. About two days before a race, I like to cover myself in compression gear from head to toe like a mummy. I discovered, though, my children do not and will not be seen in public with me; I supposedly violate all fashion rules and norms. Oh well. I guess compression pants don’t really work well with walking shorts and Zoots. Anyways, I enjoy  “deSwelling” as I like to call it and begin to reduce any inflammation that may have occurred from days or weeks of training leading up to the event.  Lately many reputable companies have been gracious enough to allow me to test their products. 
However, it was not until I discovered 110% compression calf sleeves and compression gear that I have blown away by this technology. I have found the ability to either ice or heat the compressed area a great advantage. No other company offers this. The option to either ice or heat the problem area is what sets 110% apart in the market.  The solid construction and tight feel are also an added benefit. Most socks or sleeves on the market are often to loose in the foot bed or to long past the knee and do not last very long.
I like to elevate my feet (while I have a few local micro brews) and let the compression and cold feeling set in. I find recovery so much easier and faster. I have major problems with inflammation, particularly in my feet and calves post-race (looks just like an allergic reaction to fake lobster I had years ago) that I find myself eating ibuprofen 800’s like candy. Obviously that is not wise, so I turn to 110% compression gear to jump start the natural healing process. 110% Compression Gear is my choice for training, race preparation, racing, and recovery!

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