Franco Triunfo Speed Set Up for Long Course

Over the years of racing and doing long course triathlon I have learned that dialing in your bike for these distances require some thought because out on the course triathletes need to be self-sufficient when it comes to nutrition and having a plan for a mechanical error. A slight mishap in nutrition or a mechanical failure will certainly end your race quickly.
I have learned that sometimes less is more and it’s not necessary to weigh down the bike with too much stuff. I thought this would be appropriate to share with you how I set up my Franco Triunfo Speed and how I will prepare for this weekend’s Wildflower Long Course.
For long course racing I like to use the Torhans 30 Aero bottle. I fill this with just plain water and refill at every aid station as needed. I really like this bottle for a couple of reasons. I like how you can refill quickly and its splash resistant. For a while I was using a Profile Design bottle but hated the yellow sponge that stuck out from the top. No matter how hard I tried to deal with that stupid yellow sponge I would always find a way to spill my water out the top every time I hit a bump in the road. Sometimes the yellow sponge worked its way down into the bottle causing my headache than it was worth. I have had no problem with the Torhans system. The Torhans straw is incased in a rubber sleeve which aids in aerodynamics but also keeps the straw from flip flopping around like the Profile Design system.   I like the aero bottle for long distances because it reminds be to drink often because the straw sits slightly below my chin as a constant reminder making drinking a much easier task. For short course racing I use a horizontal water bottle mount and remove the bottle to drink as necessary.

 I use two salt stick pill dispensers that I zip tie between my aero bars. I take one capsule per hour. I really like having this available. The salt stick dispensers are easy to twist and pop out a pill rather than trying to dig in my top tube bag or back pocket when I need my salts.
I use the Garmin 500 cycle computer that I mount to my bars as well. Although the front end looks cluttered its aerodynamic and fits between my arms really well.  I only use GU because it’s the only nutritional product on the market that works for me and my stomach. The subtle taste makes drinking much easier on a hot day when my stomach will not take in much. I keep one dense bottle of Roctane on my down tube and keep several gels taped to my stem between my aero bars. Again, I like to have everything right in front of my face as reminder to fuel often. 

 I will take in about two gels every how followed by Roctane. I keep one open cage available for plain water bottles. I like to keep this open and exchange water bottles at the aide stations for my Torhans. I don’t like top tube bags but sometimes I feel they are a necessary evil. I keep my GU chomps in there when I feel like I need something solid to chew on. I also keep a few Co2 canisters and back up salts just in case. 
I really hate flat kits. I don’t like trying to figure the best way to carry them aerodynamically and after months of trying to figure this out I gave up and simply strap two tubes with valve extenders already installed along with to C02 bombs ready to go. I use black tape to attach the tubes to my seat post and secure them down with a Velcro strap. So far so good, the flat kit sits nicely behind my thighs and away from the wind and it’s easy to access and put back together.
 I have two sets of wheels, ZIPP Sub 9 disc and 808 front. I also use HED Jet 9 FR's as well. For Wildflower I will use my HED Jet 9 FR’s. These are very fast wheels. However, the front is pretty deep and I am hoping that the cross winds will not be that bad, I can handle front end nicely but hope Mother Nature is nice. I am not oblivious that deep dish wheels dont like cross winds but these wheels have worked for me on similar terrain. These wheels are better suited for fast short courses over a mild less hilly terrain but also serve well as an all-around wheel set.

 I will be using my Dura Ace 11 speed Mid Compact crank Wildflower is notoriously hilly and a mid-compact crankset should work just fine.

So as you can see nothing to fancy just a simply lay out of how I set up my bike for a long course event. I also use the same set up for an Ironman distance as well with additional nutrition.  This set up has worked for me over a few races of trial and error. I am sure it will change in the future though because I tend to keep things simple but yet over think things as well.

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