I knew it was going to happen one day.

So here I am on a nice sunny day in beautiful Southern California. I should be at work or enjoying the nice beach weather we are having. Instead I am lying on my couch recovering from a pretty significant training accident. On Saturday I had my typical long ride ahead of me. The plan for this workout was a 4 hour ride along the coast at a moderate pace, nothing to fast nothing to slow. around mile 40 I began my decent down a rather significant hill. I never take this hill fast but today I decided to go for the ride. I was in the aero position when I looked down at my computer. I was approaching about 30-35 mph. At that point I decided to slow down. As I was coming up from the aero position I hit a rather large pot hole.

I knew I was going to hit the deck. It's a scary moment for that brief second when you know your going down. That's the last I remember. I came to on the side of the road and watched by bike go into traffic without me on it. A city worker kinda looked at me and laughed. I laid there for awhile as two other riders approached me and offered help. They called 911 and off  I went to the emergency room. Several hours later and a few CT scans I was given the ok to go home. Nothing broken, just a few little fractures in the shoulder and fingers, some road rash, a bruised ego and a short episode of vertigo.

I came away lucky compared to what I have seen heard. I am glad to be alive and breathing today. I have been riding and racing for many years, and I knew this day was coming!

The moral of the story, WEAR YOUR HELMET!

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