Top 10 Reason You Know Your A Clubbed Footed Triathlete

1.  Parking at a triathlon is never a problem because you have a handicapped placard.
2.  When an 80 year old age grouper passes you and offers assistance.
3.  You sign up as a Clydesdale even though you do not meet the requirements in hopes you podium.
4.  When dismounting your bike you enter T2 like your running on hot coals.
5.  You check only your swim and bike splits.
6.  The day after a race your feet look like they did before surgery and casting.
7.  Compression socks are an everyday garment.
8.  The pre-race meal consists of a healthy ratio of carbs, proteins and painkillers.
9.  When walking back to your car post-race seems more challenging then the Ironman.
10.When waiting in line at the port-a-potty you sit down.

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